Eleasha Addicott


Work made during my second and third year at university

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About my practice

My work varies from different themes to experimental styles. One thing that’s always been consistent in my practice is my portrayal of people and how I can capture character through the different ways that I work. This use of expression is something that can be seen in my paintings, whether it’s through the use of brush strokes or abstraction of colour, I just do whatever I’m feeling inspired by. This section is a catalogue of what I’ve been working on over the past year, some as part of collections and some that are stand-alone.

Nude Study

Nude study using oil paint on MDF


Portrait of Rina Sawayama using acrylic paint on canvas.


Portrait of Denzel Curry on plywood.

Oil paints & gold leaf

Chewing Gum

Portrait of a friend and I.

Oil paint on plywood.

The Garden

Commissioned self portrait for a pop-up shop in Notting Hill, inspired by older work with elements of my current projects.

Oil paint and gold leaf on MDF


This piece was inspired by an experience I had around the time I painted it – the idea being that attention was what I wanted but I as given none.

Oil paint on ply wood.

The Lovers

In this piece I wanted to show a more intimate display of love through the modern take of the mirror selfie.

Using oiln-ain

Harry Styles

Oil paint and gold leaf on canvas

Tyler, the Creator – "Found Objects"

This painting of Tyler, the Creator, was created on a piece of scrap MDF that I found. I liked the character of the material, particularly because of the randomly placed holes, and it made me question how a “found object” can become an integral part of the piece. During the beginning of my third year, I explored the themes of “icons” and how people idolise celebrities like Gods, so I decided to paint Tyler, not only because he’s someone I idolise, but also because of his own ego by referring to himself as “the Creator”.

Oil Paint on MDF


Slowthai was another celebrity I wanted to include in my series of celebrity icon paintings. I find his character fascinating and I decided to use watercolours for this painting to create a messier effect that I could layer with lots of different tones.

Watercolour on Sketchbook Paper

Nude – Found Objects

This piece was another painting with “found objects”, this time on a piece of rusted steel. I was interested in seeing how the oil paint would fuse with the rust and decided to play around with skin tones so that the two could merge together. It was interesting seeing how, over time, the rust crept through the paint and created a rougher look.

Oil Paint on Steel

Denzel Curry 

During my experimentation with different materials, I decided to play around with metal and use a UV printer to create a portrait. I firstly photoshopped this image so that the metal was able to appear through certain places in the skin that I erased. I think this added to the overall effect of the piece to make it seem rough and industrial.

UV Print on Aluminium

Self Portrait

Self portrait in oil paints, experimenting with colour and flow with minimal blending.

Oil Paint on Canvas

Self Portrait – 3 Heads

I wanted to try and push the boundaries of how I normally work and also experiment between realism and abstraction. Unlike my usual style where I like to make the brush strokes show, this piece is blended to look more realistic in contrast with a portrayal of something physically unrealistic. 

Oil Paint on Paper

Self Portrait

Self portrait inspired by Karen Kilimnik

Oil Paint on MDF

Girls with Flowers

Portrait of two girls helping each other grow

Oil Paint on Card

Self Portrait

Recreation of a self portrait I made when I was 18, 3 years later

Acrylic Paint on Sketchbook Paper

Self Portrait

Self portrait experimenting with colour and texture

Oil Paint on Scrap Wood

Self Portrait

Part of my flower series, experimenting with gouache paints and the abstraction of the human form through the use of flowers

Gouache on MDF

Pink Self Portrait

Self portrait submerged in petals.

Gouache paint on scrap wood

Everything Merges with the Night

Portrait created as a response to the song “Everything Merges with the Night” by Brian Eno

Oil Paint on MDF


This piece was my first addition to my flower series. I initially fused a selfie and still life image on Photoshop then painted the image.

“Icons” Unedited Reference Images