Eleasha Addicott


The exploration between the self, the celebrity & the celestial.

My current project focuses on the concept of the icon, particularly within religious imagery. However, the use of the self portrait and portrayal of women intertwined with traditionally styled religious artwork questions the line between the real, the celestial, and how an “icon” can be perceived in modern day. I hope that through my work I can change the viewer’s perception of what these traditionally “religious” works represent, with the use of halos, gold leaf, and the triptych, the intention is to see how these features can be used as a motive to reflect on the embodiment of strength and character in the modern woman.


This triptych was made as an homage to my friends who I have portrayed, alongside myself, in this piece. The intention was to reflect upon the empowerment and goddess-like status of women, as well as using the traditional elements of the work to contrast with modern day (e.g. phones painted onto an altarpiece).

Oil paint and gold leaf on birch ply

The Holy Nude

Self portrait inspired nudes on a mini triptych.

Oil paint and gold leaf on MDF

Modern Goddesses

This painting is an exploration of the unity and strength of women whilst also allowing each character to stay true to their own personalities by having their own styles. I created this with the intention of seeing if the audience’s perception on how traditionally religious symbolism, such as the halo, can be changed and shown in modern context.

Oil Paint and Gold Leaf on Canvas

Modern Goddesses

This portrait is another part of my “Modern Goddesses” series. The intention is to promote women as iconic figures, hence the halos, but not to take them out of the context of their own character. Instead of putting them in Renaissance-styled clothes and settings, I decided to modernise them by putting them in their own outfits and a fitting scenario to their style.

Oil Paint and Gold Leaf on Birch Ply

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

This piece was the first triptych I made and I wanted to use this as an exploration into how I can influence the perception of how people normally view triptychs and how women are represented.

Oil Paint and Gold Leaf on MDF

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Closed

Gold Leaf Nude

This piece was inspired by Gustav Klimt and explores the progression of the nude and how selfie culture & the internet has changed the perception & sexualisation of the naked body.

Oil Paint and Gold Leaf on Birch Ply

The Daughter

This self portrait is an exploration of the fusion between the modern self and “the icon” whilst looking into the themes of woman power. I wanted to create something influenced by religious imagery, hence why I’m replicating the hand gestures that Jesus typically portrays in paintings of him.

Oil and Emulsion Paint on MDF

Pienso En Tu Mira

This portrait of Rosalia was my first painting in my “Icons” series. I took inspiration from Filip Custic’s artwork for her album “El Ma Querer”, and incorporated my own style to emphasise the religious imagery with the gold leaf.

Oil Paint and Gold Leaf on MDF


This painting of Tyler, the Creator was another part of my “Found Objects” (see “My Practice” for more). I also wanted to explore portraying a celebrity in a way that a celestial being might, hence why there is the use of the halo and the “Sacred Heart”.

Oil Paint on MDF